bio support bag of holding

a bag of holding designed for temporary containment and transportation of living things.


A bio support bag of holding weighs about 100 lb. this is a fixed weight never more never less. Its 1ft thick, 2ft wide, and 3ft tall. It can hold up to 2 tons half of which is taken up by the life support system in the bag which consists of; a machine that transforms water into breathable air and a highly flammable poisonous gas. This gas must be released once a day and the water tank must be filled every 6 hours. If the water isn’t filled all living things inside the bag die. If the highly flammable poisonous gas will explode and all creatures within 3sqrs of the bag take 3 D20 + 10 damage this is a trigger attack, there is no attack role.


bio support bag of holding

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