There was a time when all things cold stood together from the Ice Archon to the most humble mountain mage. In the time I speak of, there were 7 great crystal’s crafted by the thunder titans of the elemental chaos. These crystal’s were made in tribute to that which brought all chilly things together. Most don’t even claim this entity to have a form besides a 20 ft. high blizzard that has not appeared in the last forty years. One thing is for sure, In the Frostfell there has been to many whispers of great magical crystal’s that glow blue and freeze those who try to take them from their icy runic homes. For this changeling not to lend a nosy ear, so gather your best and bring them to me and we both will revel in glory and we will build a home for our kind to rest from this cruel judgmental world.

A letter by Dox the Cyrans, to his brother Nox.

What’s up PC’s this is my 3rd campaign and my first on obsidian portal. This campaign is based in the most northern reaches of Eberron. In this game you will play a mercenary band lead by the brother of a once popular Cyran known as Dox the Cyrans. He got his name for the point that he could fake any politician in Cyre. He now calls upon you to help build a home for his kind and in the process make you rich.

the Diamonds of Frostfell